Legendary containers of former PLATOON Kunsthalle Berlin find new temporary home: POP KUDAMM - Place of Participation.

Exhibitions, performances, concerts, festivals, events, workshops, discussions. For years, PLATOON Kunsthalle Berlin was an experimental place for creatives of all backgrounds and a benchmark for sub-cultural initiatives. A place that put art and culture in urban space in the spotlight and, due to its conceptual uniqueness, has become anchored in Berlin’s cultural memory as a “creative cathedral”. PLATOON Kunsthalle Berlin combines unique art, culture and event experiences that must be seen and experienced.

Strictly focused on creating a dynamic space for artists and creatives, PLATOON together with GRAFT Architects set on a modular structure for the architectural development of the Kunsthalle. As with its pendant in Seoul, the Kunsthalle , made up of a series of 34 shipping containers, contrasted visibly with the rest of the “white cube” exhibition architecture and represented a reflection a temporary “being here” in a globalized environment. 400+ square meters of flexible space for creative development and design, which can be “shipped” to any other location at any time and rebuilt anywhere.

The topic of container architecture was and is nothing new. But the context, location and size were completely new. Therefore, the container architecture in Seoul, Korea, developed by PLATOON together with GRAFT, also convinced international juries and was awarded with the Korean Architecture Award 2009, the RedDot Award 2010 and the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011.

From the very beginning it was quite clear for PLATOON Kunsthalle Berlin that this was only planned as a temporary project and that the premises at Sch├Ânhauser 9 would not be their last stop. After their departure from Berlin, the containers therefore went back on tour in 2017 with a longer layover in Cologne. Almost 5 years after their departure from Berlin, the Kunsthalle is now returning to its home. As the architectural center of POP KUDAMM and in its current configuration, the containers will find their new location on the Kudamm as of March 2022. To bring Berliners and visitors together. To be a forum for exhibitions, workshops, panels, events, showcases, labs and more. And to create a temporary cultural venue where urban development, as a leitmotif, can be artistically interpreted and creatively experienced.

Once again, POP KUDAMM was supported by GRAFT Architects, who together with the experience of PLATOON, took over the architectural project design. With the conception behind this project, the essential re-use idea of modern container architecture, which has been part of the DNA of the containers from the very beginning, becomes evident and is reflected in its sustainability. Architecture keeps moving and can be moved. With its city. Emerging from new visions. And for new places where ideas and people can come together.

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