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Wed, 6-07–Sat, 30-07-22

Your Barber in town

Afro Punk culture

Öffnungszeiten: Di – Sa, 11:00 – 19:00
Your Barber in Town brings Afro-punk culture to Berlin's City-West. Modern urban barbering as a pure event experience mixed with fashion, art and music from 6 July to 2 August at POP KUDAMM.

“The best barber in town.” That’s what his customers and fans call him and that’s exactly how he named his shop: YOUR BARBER IN TOWN.

Emmanuel Lukoki, 30 years young, is a barber by passion. A passion that he has made his profession, and a true craft that is professional love for him. “Seeing the customer glow from the outside as well as the inside after a treatment does about the same to me as it does to him or her.”

His motto in the shop and in jobs is not the customer is king, but the customer is friend. After the first contact with the Magic Chair, as he calls his barber chair, the typical customer contact breaks. You becomes you, stranger becomes openness and communication.

He does not have a separate name for the profession as he practises it. He leaves this task to his customers. One simply calls him barber, the other therapist, marriage counsellor or stylist.

His clients include well-known influencers, actors, professional football players and ordinary schoolchildren and tourists. They are all treated equally, which is what makes his shop so special. A unique experience with music, rhythm and good vibes only. Or, as Emmanuel puts it, “a harmonious encounter between hair and man.”

It is precisely these vibes that Emmanuel Lukoki will be bringing to POP KUDAMM from July. A cultural spot that, in addition to the regular barber shop, will focus on fashion, art and music and, together with the Collective Freak de L’afrique, will turn your visit to the barber pop-up into an experience.

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