Yellow Lounge use your ears as eyes
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Thu, 29-09-22

Yellow Lounge

use your Ears as Eyes

Works by Valentin Silvestrov

One of Berlin’s more unusual and rewarding experiences.

Over the past 20 years, the Yellow Lounge has continued to evolve, opening up to new genres, spotting trends and successfully transitioning into the digital age.

The words of Naja Oedi, Head of Marketing New Repertoire at Deutsche Grammophon. With joy and pride we say:

Now the Yellow Lounge has arrived at Pop Kudamm.


… Yellow Lounge brings classical music bang up-to-date, leaving a trail of twin-sets, pearls and grey suits in its wake.

It started in 2001 with a great idea to bring clubbers and the best live classical music together. Deutsche Grammophon’s Yellow Lounge was born, using techno clubs as a stage.
Established in the Berlin club scene, Yellow Lounge took the classical rule book and tore it up before ingeniously stitching it back together.

Kicking and screaming, flashing and dancing, Yellow Lounge fuses the greatest international performers with cutting-edge DJ and VJ sets in urban spaces.

Experience the evolution of music.

Two decades have passed since then and a real success story has been written.

The whole project is the brainchild of those clever people at Deutsche Grammophon, among the best-known classical labels on the planet.

Live Acts

Anja Lechner (Cello) & Daniel Hope (violin)

Raúl da Costa (piano) & Alexey Botvinov (piano)

DJs: Clé & Martin Goldyn

VJ: Philipp Geist (Video Ghost)


The Yellow Lounge Team donates all entrance fees to “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”.
They ask all visitors to pay the entrance fee of 7 euros.

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