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Mon, 18-07–Sat, 30-07-22

Walk on me feat. Freak de l´afrique

African inspired fashion items

Walk On Me is one of the hottest fashion brands in Berlin. Founded by Angolan influencer Ukai Ndame, Walk On Me stands for individual fashion and unique styles, far away from fast fashion and same-looking department store fashion. Fashion that focuses 100% on the development of personality, uniqueness and diversity.

In collaboration with Freak de l’Afrique, the hip label for up-and-coming music events and African-inspired fashion items, you can now discover the new collections of Walk On Me at Kurfürstendamm and get the perfect summer look in your wardrobe.

True to the motto: Be not afraid to be yourself.

Discover the latest fashion items of the season and great accessories like sunglasses, jewelry & bags now at POP KUDAMM and learn more about Walk On Me and Freak de l’Afrique at:


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