Visionary.Festival // Temporary Tattoo Studio & Souvenir Shop
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Tue, 25-10–Sun, 6-11-22

Visionary Festival

Temporary Tattoo Studio

Öffnungszeiten: Mo – Sa, 14:00 – 19:00
The aim of the Visionary.Festival collective is to connect Ukrainian designers, artists and cultural workers with the German/Berlin design and art scene. Accompanying the big festival, which took place in October, the team occupies two containers at POP KUDAMM with a Souvenir Shop and a Tattoo Studio. Interested people can choose their favorite artists and interesting sketches. The places are limited.

Temporary Tattoo Studio

The temporary Tattoo Sttudio is part  of the Visonary.Festival featuring Ukrainian tattoo artists. A different artist tattoos every day.

Tattoo Studio Dates and Artists

1/3/4 November – @kali_tato
2 November – @huba.tatts
2 November – @allfordtattoo
3/4 November –
5 November – @intervladiq
5 November – @belapapera
5/6 November – @samovyvoz


Up to and indcluding 6.11. various artists from Ukraine will be our guests. Are you enchanted?


Visionary.Festival Tattoo Studio

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