Tulip Mania Experiment
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Fri, 11-11-22

Tulip Mania Vernissage

Are you an art lover or a speculator? The discussion about this is very old: Are artworks bought as speculative objects or do collectors care about the art?

The discussion about this is very old: Are artworks bought as speculative objects or are collectors concerned about the art? A new technology always attracts certain groups of people: Early adopters, visionaries, developers but also speculators.
Speculators are interested in the quick profit – not in the artwork itself. How are these people recognized?

With the art series TULIP MANIA, artist Sven Sauer dares to experiment.  A self-destruction mechanism is built into the artworks. With every resale of the paintings, they destroy themselves piece by piece. For this experiment, a shipping container location is transformed into a brightly lit greenhouse. The room-filling light and sound installation is based on the first documented speculative bubble of mankind: the tulip fever.

In this exhibition, the responsibility for a work of art is transferred to the collector. The collector has to decide:
Is he interested in the quick buck, destroying the work irrevocably – or does he want to preserve the artwork for later generations?

Music: Dj Femalemacho

Femalemacho plays with different genres, genders, decades and tempos.  From organising house music parties in the 90’s, to touring Asia in the 10’s, Femalemacho sets are eclectic just like Her.

Invitation only

We recommend that all visitors bring their own headphones for the audio guide and sunglasses in case of light-sensitive eyes!

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