The Ballroom präsentiert von the 5 Elements im POP Kudamm
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Sun, 23-10-22


Halloween Edition

At the end of October, dance Halloween with us. On Sunday afternoon, 'The 5 Elements' is hosting the "Ball" 'Playtime' at POP KUDAMM, starting a monthly mini-ball series for "kids" and allies of the "Ball" and voguing scene. A show with DJs, judges and performers.

Newcomers and so-called “parents” come together here and present a wide variety of “Ball” style talents, which are evaluated by an exclusive, top-class and interactive jury. There is dancing, radio waves, personalities show themselves, charm sparkles and bewitches. And by the way, “interactive” in this context means that the jury judged the participants themselves on the catwalk in categories such as “Face, Beginners Runway, Performance, Body, Hands vs. Arms on Horror Movie Theme Songs, Best Halloween Outfit” etc .will challenge. The aim of ‘The 5 Elements’ is to create a space that strengthens, motivates and, above all, is fun.

A show with DJs, judges, performers and you.


Where do the "Ball" come from?

The “Ball” phenomenon has its roots in New York’s Harlem of the 1920s. Inspired by VOGUE, the dance style that was developed in the marginalized Black and Latinx LGBTQI scene is also called Vogue or Voguing.

Expressive, body-hugging, glamorous, like on a catwalk – you can feel, live and dance to the origins of creativity and power of the flourishing New York fashion scene. It is a dance combined with martial arts. Because the so-called “Balls” are about measuring yourself in a creative way using expressive dance forms and glamorous outfits.

The 5 Elements präsentiert The Ballroom, The Halloween Edition

Over time, glamorous drag queens and superstars have developed a strong global community that creates safe spaces for people from the homosexual and transsexual, Afro and Latin American communities, and achieves empowerment, acceptance, body positivity and visibility in their marginalized communities.


14:00 Doors Open

15:00 LSS start / Roll Call

16:00 Ball start


A mandatory minimum donation of 5 euros is requested at the box office.

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