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One of the most exciting international performance labels - ASPHALT PILOTEN - lands in Berlin and explores the public spaces of the City-West with us in their performance TAPE RIOT. | Urban dance performances on 22 and 23 July at POP KUDAMM and the surrounding area.

Friday evening, Berlin Kurfürstendamm. A place in motion. People on their way to somewhere, strollers on a shopping spree, friends meeting on their way to the café just around the corner, a couple kissing on the steps in front of the Gedächtniskirche, young skateboarders jumping at the fountain. Each on their own and at the same time together, following an invisible path to the vibrating sound of the city. In the midst of this hustle and bustle, a group of dancers moving through the city space. Strange, different, irritating. Two moving bodies that attract our gaze, fascinate. What is happening here? Is it spontaneous or staged? Who is this?

Asphalt Pilots is the label under which artist Anna Anderegg creatively explores public spaces. Her artistic interventions focus on the movements of the body in urban space, interrupting the daily rhythm of the city and transferring dance forms and shapes far from any theatrical stage into the everyday happenings of urban spaces. With her unique sensitivity to people and spaces and her dedication to playful, accidental acts of beauty, Anna Anderegg takes the “high art” of dance out of the institution and onto the streets, opening it up to the people who fill and animate them.

Anderegg’s urban productions are thereby as much permeated by the city as they are in turn permeated by the city. Surprising happenings that involve the viewers directly in the performances – whether they realise it or not – and create space for imagination and reflection on all that surrounds us. In the here, in the now.

“We are interested in the texture of a bus stop, the smell of a park bench and the fleetingness of a street corner” is how the Asphalt Pilots describe their approach to the city, to public spaces in which they appear as suddenly and unexpectedly as they disappear again. Spaces that always interest Anderegg anew and inspire him with all their architectural dimensions and social interactions. The Asphalt Pilots do not regard dance as a stationary form, but as a journey that unfolds in space and seduces the audience into their own dreams. And at the same time inspire a personal dialogue with our everyday environments and confront us with the questions: According to which norms do we move through our city? How do shapes, colours, sounds change our perception of places? And how do our bodies interact with others and the space around us?

On 22 and 23 July, Anna Anderegg and the Asphalt Pilots will give a guest performance in Berlin and explore POP KUDAMM and its surroundings in ” TAPE RIOT “. Together with a tape artist, the dancers create associative stage sets of a city that form a temporary backdrop for their performances, in which the dancers and spectators interact with the existing urban space. The unique and fleeting scenario is accompanied by a musician who improvises his own musical sample arrangements live over the existing sounds of our urban space.


Concept: Anna Anderegg | Tape-Art: Herve Thiot | Performance: Adaya Berkovich, Laureline Richard | Sound Art: Anders Ehlin | Management: Nadine Becker

More info about Anna Anderegg  here.

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