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Tue, 27-09-22


city and money

"The party in the real estate industry is over!" "No one can afford dogma and taste right now!" "When the need is greater, people will come together!"

A few forewords already spoken by the invited panel speakers as an introduction. The striking, polarizing is definitely desirable. After all, this is about the kick-off event CITY AND MONEY from the SPACE STUDIO series at POP KUDAMM.

Always sensitive, the interaction between the city and money is currently particularly explosive in view of high construction costs, rising energy prices, inflation and simultaneously rising interest rates. Who is building the city and why? Who designs the city? Who contributes to the common good? In view of the current situation, who bears which risk?

flood of topics. Diversity in consideration and argumentation. The present doesn’t make it easy for us.

The kick-off event of the “SPACE STUDIO” series deliberately addresses these questions from different perspectives: those of architects, private project developers, the public sector and municipal housing companies.

ALSO the FUTURE should be touched …

How can a climate-adapted city and affordable housing be combined in the future? How does politics have to intervene in the current situation – how can this be done uniformly at federal level, beyond small federal states? Is expropriation a solution? How do we shape the future together?

In the panel discuss

GUNTHER ADLER, Managing Director Human Resources, Autobahn GmbH and former State Secretary for Building, Housing, Urban Development in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Community;

PROF. HELGA BLOCKSDORF, Founder of the architectural office of the same name in Berlin and head of the Institute for Building Construction at the TU Braunschweig;

STEFANIE FRENSCH, Board member of the Becker & Kries family foundation and managing director of Becker & Kries Holding GmbH & Co. KG and from 2011 to early 2019 managing director of HOWOGE Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH;

,one of the three founding partners of GRAFT;

REINER MÜLLER, Head of Project Development, SIGNA Real Estate.

NADIN HEINICH by ‘plan A’ moderated by the thematically complex and also very value-loaded theme architecture of the evening.

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