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Thu, 28-04–Thu, 30-06-22

Rythm of Rules and Irregularities

Vakki kinetic art

Colorful as the city's movements, flamboyant as Berlin's characters. From the showboxes of POP KUDAMM's Creative Village, moving sculptures by contemporary South Korean artist VAKKI are transcending the Kurfuerstendamm.

With her colorful sculptures and video installations, VAKKI draws attention to energies and dynamics that arise when people and objects move in passing. These energies are transformed into geometric structures and together set in motion kinetically.

In doing so, VAKKI employs strong visual stimuli while simultaneously harkening back to the early 1980s through its visual identity. The resulting splashes of color are the basis of her work, which explores the cycle of being through various mediums and interprets them into kinetic works with graphics and movement.

POP KUDAMM is proud to present “Rhythm of Rules and Irregularities” with works by VAKKI. Large-scale kinetic installations developed especially for POP KUDAMM will be on view beginning April 28.

About the Artist

VAKKI is a contemporary artist from South Korea. She currently lives and works in Seoul. She is working in a broad spectrum of visual arts focusing on videos, interactive media, space, three-dimensional installations and sound in her projects.
Her artworks have been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions including Amsterdam, Berlin, Thailand, and New York. She was introduced to the German audience with “Showcase in Berlin” – an exhibition presented at Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin.

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