Thu, 12-05–Sat, 14-05-22


Installation an performance

ROPE - a social sculpture by the Belgian visual artist Ief Spincemaille.

Handmade, based on the ancient tradition of wickerwork, ROPE travels the world with Ief Spincemaille, creating a tension between the reality it finds on the ground and that it creates anew, through its temporary presence in local communities.

60 meters long. 28 centimeters thick. 196 kilograms strong. Rope is too big to be used as a rope. Nevertheless, its purpose is ” to be used “, finding new function and meaning on its journeys.
As a social sculpture, ROPE is always multi-functional, generating new dynamics and energies, and creating communication and interaction with its environment. ROPE is an invitation. To observe. To question. To play and linger. To bind.

On its travels, ROPE writes a diary in which it captures everything it experiences locally.

From May 12 to 14, ROPE will take a stop at various locations in Berlin as part of the BNDNWK, as well as in the evenings during the Open Studio Nights at POP KUDAMM. Experience ROPE on his way and follow him through the city in the Stories on POP KUDAMM Instagram.

About the artist

Ief Spincemaille is a Belgian visual artist and researcher. His work focuses on the exploration of human perceptual horizons. In his installations, visual works and performances, he explores the boundaries between the measurable/familiar and the immeasurable/foreign. His work combines art and social interaction that is not limited to a single medium.



Concept & Realization: Ief Spincemaille
Technical support: Bout De Beul
Textile Research: Leila Boukhalfa, Charlotte Stuby, Jan Duerinck
Graphic design flyer: Eva Moullaert, mit großem Dank an Guido Devadder
Photo: Vincent Noir

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