Tue, 31-05-22

Photographer Jan Garup


Lecture by the Danish war photographer Jan Grarup as part of the event series Space Studio

Kiev, Kharkiv, Mariupol. Day 97. Are we getting used to the horror? Jan Grarup is a Danish war photographer. He has been documenting the world’s crisis regions since the 1990s. Currently the war in Ukraine. Before that Chechnya, the siege of Sarajevo, the genocide in Rwanda, the Gulf War, Darfur, Somalia, Iraq, Syria. He is interested in the places and the people. Honestly, intensely and with a lot of empathy, he tells the stories of those who have no voice themselves. And those who give us hope.

Jan Grarup has won the World Press Photo Award eight times for his work, the first time in 2001 for his coverage of the war in Kosovo. Grarup is one of the co-founders of the photo agency Noor and has published several books, most recently “And Then There Was Silence”, a five-kilo collection of his photographs since the 1990s.


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