Im Rahmen des European Month of Photography präsentiert pavlov's dog im POP KUDAMM die Ausstellung HERSPECTIVE
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Thu, 23-02–Wed, 8-03-23

pavlov’s dog presents: HERSPECTIVE

Behind the Walls

Öffnungszeiten: Di – So, 12:00 – 20:00
In the exhibition "Behind the Walls" the 20 female photographers of the collective HERSPECTIVE investigate the invisible and sometimes inconspicuous. The question of the "behind", the crossing of this boundary is the theme of the exhibition and forms the bracket.

Various questions are at the starting point: What does happiness look like? Julia Zoooi has found it in the person of Mr. Lück.
Is there life in a hospice? Scarlett Werth shows people who are at the end of their lives and still want to tell us something.

What stories do women in patriarchal societies have to tell? Sandra Büschow has photographed portraits of mothers, daughters and grandmothers in Georgia.
Do gladiators still exist today? Meike Kenn found them in a Berlin gymnasium.
Other themes include nightlife with its own laws (Lina Grün), the memory of a legendary club (Katja Ruge), the journey of the daughter (Rosa Merk) who, in place of her hemiplegic father, visits places and people that were important to her father.
On 270 square meters will be mainly photo and video works – also a real wall (Lena Burmann) with the programmatic title: “The wall, noun, feminine.”
The female artists collective HERSPECTIVE sees itself as an association of female photographers to provide more visibility, diversity and equality in the photo world. The female photographers are characterized by a participatory collaboration among themselves. The resulting strong cohesion is no coincidence.

The different approaches and realizations invite comparison and try to fathom – what is “behind the walls”?
The medium of photography always becomes exciting and unique when it asks questions without already knowing the answers.

Michael Biedowicz

Foto: Meike Kenn

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