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Wed, 23-08-23

Panel Talk

Visible Love

As part of the Visible Love exhibition, curated by the global platform Container Love, on display at POP KUDAMM until 31 August, key opinion leaders will share their thoughts and perspectives on diversity and authentic queer storytelling.

Panel Talk: 19:30 Uhr
Live Music: 20:30 Uhr

Panel Talk: 20:45 Uhr
Live Musik: 21:45 Uhr
DJ Set: 22:30 Uhr

As an official satellite event of Berlin Commercial, we are partnering up with 86Tales to bring you a curated selection of queer short films, followed by two panel talks.

On the program are:
“What Dwells In Me” von Del und Larissa Zaidan
“Comfort Zone” von Jordan Blady
“We Will Become Better” von Anzej Gavriss
“Beyond the Rainbow” von Pine & SoYou
“A Significant Name” von Diane Russo-Cheng
“Cruising” von Valentino R. Sandoli
“Transenders” von Diane Russo Cheng
“Vaugahyde” von Adam Munnings
“Love Has No Label” von Ben Galster

In two panel discussions moderated by the artist and journalist Tarik Tesfu @tesfu_tarik, the artist and photographer Sophie Emmerich @sohia.emmerich , the writer Samuel Benke @samuel.benke and the artist and podcaster Robin Solf @robin.solf, exchange views. In the second panel discussion, co-host of the bbq podcast Zuher Jazmati @xanax_attax will moderate the exchange of perspectives between guests Leila El Kayem @leilaelkayem, Executive Creative Director of “Anomaly”, @yolodile , Senior Creative Strategist of “Innocean Berlin” and Samet Akti, Principal Diversity and Inclusion at Zalando. The two panel discussions will explore the possibilities of positive change towards diversity, equality and inclusion in order to achieve broader representation in the creative industry. Guests will use their personal experiences to reflect on the state of the industry and the differences between genuine LGBTQIA+ engagement and trends and pinkwashing. The two talks of the evening will be complemented by live musical performances by Tarik himself and singer and producer Marshall Vincent @marshallvincent.flac. The evening will conclude with Adam Munning’s @adammunnings performing a musical set celebrating queerness.

Register for 23 August here: Panel Talk Visible Love 2023

Link to the current exhibition:

Thu, 17-08–Thu, 31-08-23
, 12:00

Visible Love

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the award-winning global queer platform "Container Love" presents the third edition of "Visible Love".

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