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Fresh handmade cookies in NYC style

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OOH!COOKIES sweeten your day with delicious, handmade cookies! Nice and gooey on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. Their motto: I GOT BAKED IN BERLIN! reflects their freshness and sustainability. But at second glance, it is to be understood differently. Cookies without coffee are a crime! That's why they serve coffee specialties with them.

The origin story: The founders are Max and his sister Verginia. In August, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, while Max was busy with online courses and preparing for his A-level exams, the cafés and bakeries he liked to visit were unfortunately closed. To treat himself to something sweet during his study phase, he thought about what he could do with the ingredients he had at home or that were relatively easy to get at the supermarket. Then he remembered that he had eaten the best and most delicious cookies on vacation five years ago. So he came up with the idea of baking cookies himself. So he baked cookies for himself and his family several times a week during his studies. His sister Verginia helped him and, of course, tasted them diligently. His interest and passion for making a wide variety of cookies grew and Max began to study them. He read about them and looked at all the stores in the world and continued to experiment. After about a year, he found a recipe that got him hooked. As soon as he graduated from high school, he wanted to show these cookies all over Berlin. So he and his sister started trying out high-quality products to make the cookies perfect. Step by step, they found the ingredients they were happy with. But there are always new inventions and discoveries. So get ready for big news in the near future!

So that everyone of you can try them, we are now delivering them with fyrtl Our cookies all over Berlin.

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