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Next Generation City Planning

Spatial Knowledge

Öffnungszeiten: Mi – Sa, 12:00 – 20:00
Spatial Knowledge of Children and Adolescents in Urban Planning | An Exhibition of the TU Berlin

This urban development process is always intended for next generations. However, these come with new needs and capabilities. This exhibition is therefore dedicated to the ‘spatial knowledge of children and young people’. The research work provids scientific findings in a large-scale evaluation of studies and own analyses, which not only can anticipate the questions for future urban planning, but can also substantiate them. These questions must now be answered by urban developments.

The exhibition addresses the following areas on different levels:


How can and is the spatial knowledge of children and young people integrated into urban development?

Natives vs. Learners

Digital natives have decisively different experiences and skills compared to today’s urban planners. How can we learn from them?

Hybrid Reality

On- and offline spaces are merging into a new spatial experience – not theoretically, but as a reality for the younger generations. What does this mean for urban planning?

Translocal Knowledge

Today, spatial knowledge no longer needs to be experienced on location. How does this have an impact on urban planning?

Public Space

Public space is much more than ‘not private’. What are the expectations of the next generations for such places?

The exhibition is based on the research work of Prof. De. Angela Million and her team in the collaborative research center ‘Re-Figuration of Spaces’ at the Technischen Universität Berlin, funded by the German research foundation DFG.

In a series of texts and images the questions to urban development are formulated associatively – as an example and inspiration that we should consider. In addition, international projects are presented in which children and young people are integrated into urban development.

The TU Berlin and POP KUDAMM want to stimulate and broaden the discourse and the horizon of urban development and invite all interested people and of course all Berlin urban developers to take on these questions.

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