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Current Surface

In all the containers of the CREATIVE VILLAGE, the MeetFrida Foundation is showing "Current Surface", a group exhibition by four women artists.

How does art make us look beyond the surface and discover the worlds behind a two-dimensional surface? To what extent does the concept of superficiality shape art – or can and must it distance itself from this concept?
In a time characterised by fast-paced life and social media, many things initially seem to be geared towards a superficial “first glance”. The exhibition current surface leads the viewer into a surface that is more complex than it appears and creates an unheard-of depth at second glance.

current surface brings together four artists who have dedicated themselves to the theme in four small, specially conceived solo exhibitions. Ju Schnee, Elisa Klinkenberg, Annique Delphine and Janine Kuehn invite the visitors in the four containers in the entrance area of POP KUDAMM into their visual worlds and present their current surface in their very own way:
Annique Delphine examines society’s rigid view of femininity under the motto “Reclaim the Feminine”, Ju Schnee plays with the discrepancy between haptic surfaces and virtual worlds, Elisa Klinkenberg transforms the place into her own centre court and Janine Kuehn deals with the translation and retranslation of natural surfaces into digital colour surfaces in digital and manual image manipulation.

The surface in current surface is therefore not a rigid construct, but a constantly changing invitation to dive into a depth of art and one’s own unconscious.

Participating artists

Annique Delphine (picture header), Ju Schnee, Elisa Klinkenberg, Janine Kuehn

About MeetFrida:

The MeetFrida Foundation was initiated in 2020 as a novel initiative to support artists and occupy spaces with art in new ways. In the meantime, the foundation implements various exhibitions and artistic interventions at different locations, urban vacancies and in public spaces, and also includes the online gallery and platform www.meetfrida.art. Thus MeetFrida established itself as Germany’s leading outdoor and online institution. MeetFrida also sees itself as a platform that connects artists, collectors and art lovers under the motto “Art beyond Gallery”. Currently, around 70 international artists are part of the portfolio.

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