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On several levels, the exhibition MARIONETTE provides insights into the bizarre dark sides but also positive developments of Deep Fake Technology.

We live in a world where the flow of information is so fast that it overtakes the truth.
What is meant by this is that information is already available online before it could be checked for authenticity by a neutral body. This creates the danger that the public discourse is already decided before all the facts have been checked.

The exhibition MARIONETTE is dedicated to this new phenomenon. The erosion of the moving image as the unfalsifiable final instance of truth.

Are we facing a “truth crisis”?
What happens to an open society that cannot agree on a common reality?

The Berlin artists’ collective “Kling Klang Klong”, known among other things for productions at the Semperoper in Dresden and the Elbphilarmonie, create a space-consuming light-sound installation in collaboration with “Künstler ohne Namen”.

On several levels, the exhibition provides insights into the bizarre dark sides but also positive developments of Deep Fake Technology that will shape our world in the coming years.
The installation makes the fundamental problem tangible, which unfolds its effect in Deep Fakes: The uncertain data situation.


The exhibition may contain disturbing elements and is therefore from 18 years of age.
Tickets are free, but must be booked in advance to ensure that all guests have enough space for the installation.

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