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A short way to Korea

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The Korean grooming philosophy is passed down from generation to generation. In Korea, a well-groomed appearance is not only considered a sign of self-respect, but also a sign of respect for the other person. Koreans are convinced that outer beauty affects the inner life and therefore pay special attention to pure, flawless skin.

Anna from KEAUTI Cosmetics discovered her passion for skincare early in her youth, when she herself was struggling with severe acne. After countless unsuccessful visits to the doctor, she took matters into her own hands: she studied ingredients, skin health, natural cosmetics and medicinal herbs intensively, completed an internship at a cosmetics school in Berlin and got to the bottom of the beauty secrets of women from all over the world. Creating natural cosmetics herself became a beloved hobby.

She remained true to this hobby during her business studies and as co-founder of a family-run business. And it turned out to be a real vocation. While searching for the latest beauty trends, she came across the Korean care ritual and tried out the innovative Korean care products herself. In short, she was and is thrilled by the transformation of her skin and can unconditionally recommend the Korean beauty ritual to every woman.

Together with her business partner, she founded KEAUTI, an online shop for the highest quality Korean care products. It presents a versatile assortment that they have carefully compiled in regular visits to cosmetics fairs and manufacturers in Asia. All the products on offer combine the best of nature and innovation – which is why they particularly have brands in their range that use the knowledge of traditional herbal and plant medicine Hanbang and are made from natural and fermented ingredients. They maintain personal contact with many of the manufacturers, who are mainly based in Seoul.

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