Mon, 9-05–Tue, 21-06-22


For Hunters and Collectors

Öffnungszeiten: Mo – Sa, 12:00 – 20:00

Personal found objects are redesigned, combined and developed as sculptures that reflect the artistic approach of founder Thies Wulf.

Discover HOLYPROP’s first product line at POP KUDAMM.

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About Holyprop

HOLYPROP is a versatile design and product manufacturing company based in Berlin – in love with art and everything related to it.

Our goal is to create new forms / products to represent art and collectibles – new ways to display objects of higher meaning.

We believe that art is what you decide it is. A museum at home – a stage for something important. In a nutshell. All 4 product lines in our first “Glass – Mounter – Family” are designed to showcase beloved objects in unique ways. We see the first collection as a storytelling tool for interiors for individuals, retail, hospitality and art designers.

“The story behind the product is the product” is a quote from one of our first clients that has guided us ever since. We have nothing to add to that…

For stories that need to be told & for objects that need to be shown.

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