Freak de l'afrique präsentiert African Queens
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Sat, 8-10-22

Freak de l’Afrique

Freak de L´Afrique präsentiert "African Queens"

In line with the mission of Freak de l'Afrique, this evening AFRICAN QUEENS also stands for a forward thinking, unexpected, challenging, but above all positive lifestyle inspired by AFRICA.

And this time we dedicate ourselves to the art, the creation, the work of tough ladies, the AFRICAN QUEENS. It will be an ensouled evening of music, art, poetry and dance shows by and with female African artists.

With DJ NomiDJ Ukai NdameDJ Ha(na)by and DJ Juba. Dance performances by Lucia Rafaell and Candy Zuckerschock.

Freak De L’Afrique is a Berlin based music, events and fashion collective of DJs, MCs, dancers & event managers who have a common passion for Africas modern club sounds.

SAT 08.10. – START 19:00


10 Euro (5 Euro Early Bird)

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