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In our Village, the artist Peer Kriesel presents a pop-up exhibition of a selection of his overpaintings.

Öffnungszeiten: Mi – Sa, 13:00 – 17:00
In his series of works "Overpaintings", the artist uses "designed" print products as painting backgrounds that have become obsolete in their original function. He uses a wide variety of materials, from cancelled tickets, admission tickets and invitations to exhibition openings to postcards, atlas maps and large-format nautical charts. The overpaintings have been an integral part of the Berlin artist Peer Kriesel's oeuvre since 2012.

Peer Kriesel is fascinated by these disused documents of contemporary history, which are becoming increasingly rare in a time of digital transformation and a digital society and can serve us as a kind of mirror regarding values and identity.Most of the materials no longer have any real value at the time they are painted over. Yet they are charged with stories from their past lives. Every trip had an occasion, every visit to the cinema, every journey leaves a memory stored in the paper and cardboard tickets, entry tickets or boarding passes.

And yet they are becoming fewer. Instead of paper tickets and boarding passes, we use QR codes and digital wallets. Instead of just a few very concentrated souvenir photos, we collect masses of digital snapshots on our smartphones and computers. Analogue handwritten postcards or greeting cards are rarely sent anymore. Instead, it’s WhatsApp messages copied together. In the end, there is so much data that we can no longer keep track of it all.

In addition to the memory that these haptic paper finds carry, more and more originality is also being lost.

The overpaintings are strongly inspired by the age of digitalisation. It is about values, the acceleration of communication, the change in perception and the inflationary consumption of art and media.

The more life and prehistory there is in the objects, the more interesting they are for Peer Kriesel. Design elements, imprints and smudged, partially faded stamping ink as well as stains and tears serve as a source of inspiration for the artist.


Peer Kriesel was born in Berlin in 1979. After more than 15 years as a creative head in the agency and advertising world, he is now primarily working again as an artist and freelance designer in Berlin. In his work, he deals with the theme of identity and values in the age of digital change and digital society.The information and data overload – especially with a view to the internet and social media -, their effects and the apparently increasing confusion of society, disenchantment with politics – marked by war and a lack of solidarity -, the conflict between the old values and the new beauty, these are all themes that Peer Kriesel takes up in his work.

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