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Thu, 5-10-23

Disco Hooligan

Jean Gritsfeld

Renowned Ukrainian fashion designer Jean Gritsfeldt presents debut EP "Disco Hooligan".

“I have always dreamed of becoming an artist, which is why I call the style of my debut mini-album dreamy electro-dance-pop,” says Jean Gritsfeldt.  – Tracks from the Disco Hooligan EP – stories about how to unleash your reserves and become nothing less than a superhero.  Now everyone is looking for motivation.  “She is in my songs.”

Eccentric, scandalous, provocative, exuberant, and funny as ever, Jean Gritsfeldt is shaking up Berlin this summer with his stunning creation, Disco Hooligan Show – 11 years of pop culture through the eyes of fashion’s enfant terrible.  The production, an explosive combination of singing performance and fashion show, depicts the sensational life of Jean Gritsfeldt against a backdrop of his generation’s most defining political and cultural changes.  Disco Hooligan Show will also feature Jean Gritsfeldt’s work after February 24, 2022, a turning point in the history of his Motherland.

Jean Gritsfeldt collaborates with Oleksandr Shpak, Alexander Abdukarimov, Arshak Ghalumyan  and their Berlin-based Ballet Entertainment company for the presentation of “Disco Hooligan”, creating a happening that is at the intersection of music, fashion and performance art.

The EP includes 4 tracks: “Disco Hooligan”, “Frozen Stars”, “Ai-Ai-Ai”, “Your Hero”.  With a background in DJing, Jean added a disco house beat to the album and sealed the image of the dance floor as a place of absolute freedom in the songs.  Being on the same wavelength with joy is the first rule of Jean Gritsfeldt’s disco-hooligan club.

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