Yvan Martinez & Joshua Trees,
And MoreHappenings
Thu, 1-12–Thu, 1-12-22

DGTL:IRL, Third Round

Opening: One Year WL Gallery - The NFT Editions

Vernissage of the exhibition "One Year WL Gallery - The NFT Issues" as the third and last part of the DGTL:IRL exhibition with DJ set

In the third and final round of DGTL:IRL, Weitenfeld Landaluce Gallery is celebrating its first anniversary @POPKDM showing one year of NFT editions “In Real Life”.

WL curates and publishes in limited editions artworks and innovative design in digital and physical media: NFTs, files, videos, multiples, prints, books and beyond. A selection of NFTs in physical form will be displayed in different mediums and will be available for sale.

DJ Ken und DJ Barox Mix


Yvan Martinez & Joshua Trees | Free Beer
Cae Gonzales | 3D Flash
Tita Beaufrand | Orchids
RAM51 | Ars Mathematica
Martí Guixé | L’Ex Designer Bar
Oliver Vogt | Constant Variable, 1st and 2nd generation

For more information visit: https://wlgb.io/editions

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