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Thu, 10-11-22


WL Gallery´s temporary NFT Container

Martí Guixé presents on this evening his limited edition NFT “ Relief Nr. 4“, a work of art that limited to one NFT, containing the 3d digital artwork plus 9 digital files for the owner to print the actual piece at home.

Martí Guixés L’Ex-Designer Bar

The physical artwork will be showcased on this evening together with other artefacts of the Bar. Martí Guixés L’Ex-Designer Bar, is an ongoing project which is built entirely in micro-production from 3D printed components.

Oliver Vogt Common Wallet Project Activation Event

The Common Wallet project comprises three conceptual works by Oliver Vogt that deal with the techniques of a blockchain and the sociological phenomena of a market based perception of the arts. In the Common Wallet Project, Vogt will activate three different wallets where the users of the Cardano blockchain have the possibility to interact with.

Weitenfeld Landaluce Gallery

the platform for its art projects. Cardano is an open source network and a smart contract platform, which is based on peer-reviewed research. Cardano is among the top 10 blockchains of the world in market capitalization.. Since 2021, it has been possible to generate, or mine NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) on Cardano in order to connect an Artwork with a crypto coin. Once an NFT has been mined, it remains linked to the blockchain forever. Even if it changes its owner…

The artists will be present.


Martí Guixé Relief Nr. 4

Und Oliver Vogt Public Wallet NFT

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