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Wed, 1-06–Thu, 30-06-22

Design meets function

Presented by Geberit

Öffnungszeiten: Mo – Sa, 12:00 – 20:00
Geberit presents itself with a pop-up showroom at POP KUDAMM, which focuses on the connection between function and design "Design meets Function", which is reflected in the entire product world at Geberit. This connection is visualised by the Berlin artist Dave Großmann, who interprets the two worlds of Geberit - in front of and behind the wall - with a geometric abstract painting on an oversized canvas. In this unique setting, Geberit presents innovative products and solutions and makes them tangible for interested parties.

With a showroom almost 12 metres long at POP KUDAMM, Geberit invites visitors to discover modern ideas and solutions from Geberit. The centrepieces of the installation are the Geberit ONE bathroom series, which combines design and function, and the Geberit AquaClean shower toilets, which offer added hygiene and comfort thanks to gentle cleaning with water.

Combining design and function

The POP KUDAMM concept is the ideal setting for Geberit to draw attention to high-quality, forward-looking products and innovations. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover various shower toilets from Geberit. The company is also presenting the Geberit ONE bathroom series under the motto Design meets Function: the modular range offers a wide range of options for designing bathrooms that are aesthetically and functionally convincing. All components are perfectly coordinated and can be combined according to individual needs. One highlight is the mirror cabinets that match the bathroom range and feature the unique Geberit ComfortLight lighting concept, which creates the perfect mood in the bathroom at all times of the day. Four coordinated light sources integrated into the mirror cabinet can be controlled individually and continuously.

Dave Grossmann's art brings multi-layered themes to life

In order to make the multi-layered theme world of Geberit tangible, the sanitary manufacturer from Pfullendorf invited artist Dave Großmann to interpret this world artistically. Dave Großmann studied design and was already interested in the material hidden beneath the visible surface during his studies. The connection to Geberit exists through the shared passion for design and for creative perspectives. This interest is also reflected in the oversized painting on a 2.5 by 5 metre canvas that he created for the Geberit showroom. In doing so, he plays with the interplay that all Geberit products stand for: They are always the result of a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding functionality. In order to bring Geberit’s expertise in products in front of and behind the wall and their systemic connection to life, he opted for a concept in which the background and foreground are visually difficult to separate and interlock with each other. By bringing the background into the foreground again and again, and by using minimal means to create complexity, Dave Großmann’s installation emphasises the interplay of elements in front of and behind the wall – and how one cannot exist without the other.

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