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Fri, 17-06-22

Creative Mornings Berlin

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Creative Mornings is the world's largest face-to-face creative community. CreativeMornings is a global event network organised by volunteers in 223 major cities. Month after month, creative minds gather on a Friday for a free 20-minute breakfast talk under a global monthly theme. In June, the global theme is "WILDERNESS".

CM Berlin was the 7th CreativeMornings chapter, hosting its first event in August 2011. The talks (in English) are aimed at new creatives in the city, as well as established entrepreneurs. Some of the most popular Berlin speakers were: Joachim Sauter (†), Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Martina Flor, Yang Liu, Sascha Lobo, Kathrin Passig, Adam Fletcher, Susanne Koelbl, Peter Breuer, Lutz Engelke, Erica Wolfe-Murray, Michael Johnsen and Underware.

June’s theme is Wilderness, chosen by Chattanooga CM and illustrated by Hollie Chastain. We travel to the edges of our known world — to wander, to lose ourselves, to commune with the wilderness. Some of us seek enchantment and estrangement here. Some of us call it home.

Special guest will be Olaf Mordelt, who will talk about his „The Star Concept“.

About the Speaker

Olaf Mordelt is passionate about the amusement park and retail industry based on extended family traditions dedicated to the theming industry. He is the founder and CEO of One World Studio, Berlin – the experience design agency. He created a free space, a compilation of passion, competencies, and cultures that forms a highly diverse-minded team. His strong interest in developing synergies among industries, creating spectacular new attractions, immersive experiences, retail opportunities, arts, and destinations has completed astonishing projects worldwide. In his “The Star Concept”, he summarized his passion as the planet-centric vision of developing entertainment-driven experiences for the day after tomorrow.

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