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Vermibus exhibition

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Surrounded by the exciting contrasts of the Kurfuerstendamm, international Berlin-based artist Vermibus is questioning contemporary ideals of beauty. Drawing on a unique position, emerging from urban art and public space interventions, Vermibus brings into the first art exhibition at POP KUDAMM his civil disobedience interventions and altered fashion imaginary within a solo exhibition titled “CONTEXT”.

His works provoke a mixed feeling of seduction and irritation through grotesque modifications of beauty commercials. For this Vermibus takes commercials from their original environment and re-enacts them in powerful re-signified images. Advertising becomes a key material to his art practice and counter-advertising argumentation.

Through modified fashion ads, installations, or virtual reality experiences Vermibus capture his own energy within the context of the places in which his art is shown, and invites the viewer to reflect on the advertising imagery and its empirical meaning though his visual and conceptual alterations.

His works do not focus solely on a mere critique of the beauty standards or the practices of advertisers with his anti-advertising practice. On addition, his work offers a great variety of interpretations; from the definition and use of public space and its ownership, or the re-humanisation of highly retouched photographies. Other fundamental aspects can be found in his work, such as reflection or the influence of the context over a certain message. This interpretation becomes even stronger when his work is randomly found on billboards in public spaces. Contrasting by its visual impact to what we are used to see and understand through fashion photography and advertising.

With this exhibition, Vermibus is focusing on this last aspect, illustrating how the perception of his work changes in one space or another. He explores how the context in which his work is set directly relates to how his message is understood, and questions how it gains or loses meaning in different spaces.

Featured will be paintings and installations, as well as works installed in public spaces documented and experienced with VR technology.

About the Artist

Vermibus is a contemporary Spanish-born artist. His work focuses on commenting on the depersonalizing effects of advertising, which he negates through exaggeration. He removes official commercials from public spaces and transforms them by using solvents. In doing so, he dismantles the retouching effects on the faces and flesh of the models featured in ad-campaigns, blurs and removes brand logos, and then places the re-signified ads back to their original context. Among others, his works have been shown in numerous exhibitions from London, Brussels, Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Stavanger, Berlin to New York.He lives and works in Berlin.

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Vermibus Portrait auf dem Sessel im POP KUDAMM

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