Lichtinstallation Philipp Geist
And MoreHappenings
Wed, 14-12-22–Sat, 14-01-23

Container Lights

Lights in conversation with the Kudamm

A temporary light installation by the Berlin based artist Philipp Geist

The Berlin based artist Philipp Geist shows the video installation ‘CONTAINER LIGHTS’ on the window facade of POPKudamm. Shadowy, concepts, as well as abstracted image compositions slide across the windows. The visitor can expect changing dreamy image compositions that flow into each other. An interplay between the geometric container construction and the painterly, graphic compositions is created. For his video art installation, Philipp Geist has gone in search of wintery-Christmas motifs that will be integrated into his visual worlds. Over the coming weeks, Philipp Geist will continue to develop the media art installation at POPkudamm and enter into a dialogue with the location, the passers-by, the Kudamm and his artistic work.
To be continued …

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