Philipp Geist Lichtinstallation, Pop Kudamm
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Wed, 11-01–Sat, 14-01-23

Container Lights / InBetween

Öffnungszeiten: Mi – Sa, 16:00 – 20:00
From January 11 to January 14, the fascinating conclusion of the immersive light art installation "Container Lights" will take place at POP KUDAMM.

The installation “Container Lights” is part of the series “inBetween” by the internationally active Berlin light artist Philipp Geist. In recent weeks, Philipp Geist entered into a dialogue with the diverse life and events on the Kudamm and developed in this dialogue with the Kudamm a light installation, which was initially only visible outside, but will now also play the interior.

In the exhibition space, webs of transparent gauze will be stretched. Space-filling projections of painterly, abstract image compositions invite visitors to immerse themselves. An interplay is created between the shadow images of the visitors and the projections. Geometric, spatial forms such as squares, cubes, openwork surfaces, lines and rays overlap in a continuous process, building up an overall image, only to dissolve it again in the next moment. This creates a complex pictorial architecture that is constantly in flux.

Come by and let yourself be enchanted.

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