Thu, 28-09-23

Cancelled! Bauworkshop INEMURI

Who's next? Homelessness, architecture and the city

Workshop for everyone from 5 to 99 years The Baubox INEMURI was created with the exhibition "Who's Next? Homelessness, Architecture and the City" by the Architekturmuseum der TU München and explored the question of how architectural solutions can make life better for those affected.

Cancelled! Due to illness the building workshop cannot take place. We hope to be able to make it up soon.


Not having a permanent home where you can sleep, eat, be with your family, where you can retreat? Thinking about that brings up a lot of thoughts. And questions. One of them is quite simple: sleeping outside where everyone can see you, what would that be like?

We invite you to join us in our search for solutions and answers with our building workshop INEMURI. Including instructions and material – everything is in the building box to join in.

The aim of the INEMURI building box is to continue to make future generations aware of homelessness.

INEMURI was already being built at home, also with the parents with whom one started talking about homelessness when one was five years old. Inemuris were also built in schools, in the classroom workshop with us – and in addition, many questions and insights about life without a permanent home, which one might not have thought of without it.


“ichbaumit” is building culture education with practical workshops for children, teens and adults – in museums, at cultural events, at schools and much more. It is important to us to generate interest and fun in building culture, especially in children and young people. And self-confidence. So that we all deal differently – more attentively – with our built environment in the future.

Project management: Enrica Ferrucci, Dipl. Ing (Univ.) Architect

More Information: www.ichbaumit.com

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