Custom-Made Fashion by BOODYKLEINFELD - New in the POP KUDAMM Showroom. Unique tracksuits and timeless tailor-made originals made in Berlin to make you look amazing not only in real life, but also in the digital world.

11 July – 30 July 2022
Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 20:00

Boodykleinfeld is one of the most hip new Berlin fashion labels that creates exclusive timeless designs for everyone since 2016. Inspired by the movies of the 70s and 80s and with a touch of Italo-Mafia look, his fashion is truly tailor-made in Berlin and an expression of quality that you can see and feel.


What makes Boodykleinfeld’s collections so special is the connection between analog and digital. Fashion, in which street and metaverse flow together, and which let you express your style in everyday-life and every verse.

Design together with Boodykleinfeld’s designers your personal tracksuit or other unique pieces that you desire, using a wide range of high quality fabrics and colors from selected retailers to meet your needs. And if a fabric is not in stock, Boodykleinfeld will of course help you with the fabric search. Everything to complete your unique masterpiece.

Dive into the digital fashion world and build your hybrid suit or piece with Boodykleinfeld to take full advantage of Web 3.0. At your request, you will receive a digital copy of your suit. To stand out even in games or to exchange designs with others. Buyers of NFTs also have the privilege to claim his or her physical piece to either keep, collect, trade or sell. Just as you like it.

Discover the latest Boodykleinfeld Collection now in their showroom at POP KUDAMM and don’t settle for less.

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