An exciting journey into AUTARK's world of arts at POP KUDAMM

Always breaking new ground. Taking own experiences to create something new. And letting all that we experience in this world flow into one’ s own development to ultimately create the one piece of work. And above all: not to set limits for yourself and not to tie yourself down. This is the motivation of Berlin-based artist AUTARK.

In the showroom at POP KUDAMM you can now see and purchase sculptures and graphite drawings from his current series “Liberations”, in which AUTARK brings nature to life. Presented as real artistic handwork on canvas as well as digitally transformed as NFTs.

Get ready for an exciting journey through AUTARK’s world of arts and feel free to make your own impression of AUTARK Art at POP KUDAMM.

Explore his collection in the AUTARK showroom at POP KUDAMM.

Monday – Saturday
12:00 – 20:00

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