The aim of the Visionary.Festival collective is to connect Ukrainian designers, artists and cultural workers with the German and Berlin design and art scene.

Accompanying the big festival in October, the team will occupy two containers at POP KUDAMM with a souvenir store and a tattoo studio.

In the Souvenir Shop you can buy exclusive pieces of different Ukrainian fashion designers.

You are invited to buy many wonderful souvenirs, made with lots of love, from Ukraine. There are books, home decor, fragrances and more from pieceofshirttt, seekstudio nomodels_official, mykytalaptinov and others …

Visionary Festival Souvenir Shop POP KUDAMMVisionary Festival Souvenir Shop POP KUDAMMVisionary Festival Souvenir Shop POP KUDAMM

Rythm of Rules and Irregularities

Colorful as the city’s movements, flamboyant as Berlin’s characters. From the showboxes of POP KUDAMM’s Creative Village, moving sculptures by contemporary South Korean artist VAKKI are transcending the Kurfuerstendamm.

With her colorful sculptures and video installations, VAKKI draws attention to energies and dynamics that arise when people and objects move in passing. These energies are transformed into geometric structures and together set in motion kinetically.

In doing so, VAKKI employs strong visual stimuli while simultaneously harkening back to the early 1980s through its visual identity. The resulting splashes of color are the basis of her work, which explores the cycle of being through various mediums and interprets them into kinetic works with graphics and movement.

POP KUDAMM is proud to present „Rhythm of Rules and Irregularities“ with works by VAKKI. Large-scale kinetic installations developed especially for POP KUDAMM will be on view beginning April 28.

About the Artist

VAKKI is a contemporary artist from South Korea. She currently lives and works in Seoul. She is working in a broad spectrum of visual arts focusing on videos, interactive media, space, three-dimensional installations and sound in her projects.
Her artworks have been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions including Amsterdam, Berlin, Thailand, and New York. She was introduced to the German audience with “Showcase in Berlin” – an exhibition presented at Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin.

More about VAKKI at: 

Design meets function

Geberit presents itself with a pop-up showroom at POP KUDAMM, which focuses on the connection between function and design “Design meets Function”, which is reflected in the entire product world at Geberit. This connection is visualised by the Berlin artist Dave Großmann, who interprets the two worlds of Geberit – in front of and behind the wall – with a geometric abstract painting on an oversized canvas. In this unique setting, Geberit presents innovative products and solutions and makes them tangible for interested parties.

With a showroom almost 12 metres long at POP KUDAMM, Geberit invites visitors to discover modern ideas and solutions from Geberit. The centrepieces of the installation are the Geberit ONE bathroom series, which combines design and function, and the Geberit AquaClean shower toilets, which offer added hygiene and comfort thanks to gentle cleaning with water.

Combining design and function

The POP KUDAMM concept is the ideal setting for Geberit to draw attention to high-quality, forward-looking products and innovations. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover various shower toilets from Geberit. The company is also presenting the Geberit ONE bathroom series under the motto Design meets Function: the modular range offers a wide range of options for designing bathrooms that are aesthetically and functionally convincing. All components are perfectly coordinated and can be combined according to individual needs. One highlight is the mirror cabinets that match the bathroom range and feature the unique Geberit ComfortLight lighting concept, which creates the perfect mood in the bathroom at all times of the day. Four coordinated light sources integrated into the mirror cabinet can be controlled individually and continuously.

Dave Grossmann’s art brings multi-layered themes to life

In order to make the multi-layered theme world of Geberit tangible, the sanitary manufacturer from Pfullendorf invited artist Dave Großmann to interpret this world artistically. Dave Großmann studied design and was already interested in the material hidden beneath the visible surface during his studies. The connection to Geberit exists through the shared passion for design and for creative perspectives. This interest is also reflected in the oversized painting on a 2.5 by 5 metre canvas that he created for the Geberit showroom. In doing so, he plays with the interplay that all Geberit products stand for: They are always the result of a perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding functionality. In order to bring Geberit’s expertise in products in front of and behind the wall and their systemic connection to life, he opted for a concept in which the background and foreground are visually difficult to separate and interlock with each other. By bringing the background into the foreground again and again, and by using minimal means to create complexity, Dave Großmann’s installation emphasises the interplay of elements in front of and behind the wall – and how one cannot exist without the other.

Everything you need to know about Geberit at

Ukai & Griot Fashion

The label “UKÃI”, formerly known as “Walkonme”, is a fashion label, the independent artist & DJ Ukãi Ndame.
Behind the brand GRIOT is Aziz Sarr, who is known as a fashion designer, DJ & event manager.

UKÃI The name means Lady Like Me in Umbundu, a local language in her native Angola. Originally organised as a fashion event for high-heel loving ladies and gentlemen*, there were always requests for matching clothes to the shoes – so she thought: why not offer this unique fashion herself? Ukãi Ndame has made it her mission to create a very individual, unique style that is far away from fast fashion and department stores‘ fashion that always looks the same. The brand emphasises personality, self-confidence, uniqueness and diversity.

Originally created as a men’s fashion line, GRIOT now offers unique fashion items & accessories for both men and women that are so sorely missed in the usual Berlin shopping malls.


Martí Guixé presents on this evening his limited edition NFT “ Relief Nr. 4“, a work of art that limited to one NFT, containing the 3d digital artwork plus 9 digital files for the owner to print the actual piece at home.

Martí Guixés L’Ex-Designer Bar

The physical artwork will be showcased on this evening together with other artefacts of the Bar. Martí Guixés L’Ex-Designer Bar, is an ongoing project which is built entirely in micro-production from 3D printed components.

Oliver Vogt Common Wallet Project Activation Event

The Common Wallet project comprises three conceptual works by Oliver Vogt that deal with the techniques of a blockchain and the sociological phenomena of a market based perception of the arts. In the Common Wallet Project, Vogt will activate three different wallets where the users of the Cardano blockchain have the possibility to interact with.

Weitenfeld Landaluce Gallery

the platform for its art projects. Cardano is an open source network and a smart contract platform, which is based on peer-reviewed research. Cardano is among the top 10 blockchains of the world in market capitalization.. Since 2021, it has been possible to generate, or mine NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) on Cardano in order to connect an Artwork with a crypto coin. Once an NFT has been mined, it remains linked to the blockchain forever. Even if it changes its owner…

The artists will be present.


Martí Guixé Relief Nr. 4

Und Oliver Vogt Public Wallet NFT


Weitenfeld Landaluce Gallery opens its temporary NFT container at POP KUDAMM on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 7pm with the exhibition.
DGTL : IRL. In the first of three exhibition rounds with numerous special events, works by Martí Guixé (Barcelona) and Oliver Vogt (Berlin) will be shown. The artists will be present.

Martí Guixé installs objects from his long-standing project L’Ex-Designer Bar,
a bar in Barcelona built entirely in micro-production from 3D printed components.
Bar in Barcelona.

Oliver Vogt presents his new 3D NFT collection ConstantVariable 2nd Generation.

Both projects operate in the transition zone between 3D digital NFT and physical objects, testing the emergence and production conditions of new phygital object realities. With the data linked in the NFT, the owners* can realize their own expression in different materials or use them as digital sculptures in the new metaverses. This expands the scope of digital art through additional applications.

Vogt probes the bridge between digital and physical object. His conceptual work „Common Wallet“ is a DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation that uses the blockchain as a platform for interactions via a smart contract.

Guixé shows artifacts he designed and produced for a 21st century bar. In Weitenfeld Landaluce’s pop-up container, artistic practices that manifest the digital in the world of objects can be experienced in real life (IRL). Together with its artists*, Weitenfeld Landaluce gallery makes it a point to use the ecologically and socially responsible open source platform Cardano in blockchain technology and NFT production.

Oliver Vogt – ConstantVariable 1st GenerationMartí Guixé – L’Ex Designer Bar

Pictures: Oliver Vogt – ConstantVariable 1st Generation
Headerpicture: Martí Guixé – L’Ex Designer Bar


Saturday, 5th of November, 7 p.m. Uhr

Thursday, 10. November, 19:00 Uhr
3D Event Activation – Live mint


Tuesday – Saturday, 1 – 8 p.m.

Martí Guixé – L’Ex Designer Bar
Oliver Vogt – ConstantVariable 2nd Generation

Weitenfeld Landaluce Contemporary Art Gallery
Agustin Acevedo Landaluce
Auguststr. 86
10117 Berlin

Logo Weitenfeld Landaluce Gallery

Visionary Festival

The aim of the Visionary.Festival collective is to connect Ukrainian designers, artists and cultural workers with the German/Berlin design and art scene.

Accompanying the big festival, which took place in October, the team occupies two containers at POP KUDAMM with a Souvenir Shop and a Tattoo Studio. Interested people can choose their favorite artists and interesting sketches. The places are limited.

Temporary Tattoo Studio

The temporary Tattoo Sttudio is part  of the Visonary.Festival featuring Ukrainian tattoo artists. A different artist tattoos every day.

Tattoo Studio Dates and Artists

1/3/4 November – @kali_tato
2 November – @huba.tatts
2 November – @allfordtattoo
3/4 November –
5 November – @intervladiq
5 November – @belapapera
5/6 November – @samovyvoz


Up to and indcluding 6.11. various artists from Ukraine will be our guests. Are you enchanted?


Visionary.Festival Tattoo Studio

Walk on me feat. Freak de l´afrique

Walk On Me is one of the hottest fashion brands in Berlin. Founded by Angolan influencer Ukai Ndame, Walk On Me stands for individual fashion and unique styles, far away from fast fashion and same-looking department store fashion. Fashion that focuses 100% on the development of personality, uniqueness and diversity.

Walk On Me is one of the hottest fashion brands in Berlin. Founded by Angolan influencer Ukai Ndame, Walk On Me stands for individual fashion and unique styles, far away from fast fashion and same-looking department store fashion. Fashion that focuses 100% on the development of personality, uniqueness and diversity.

In collaboration with Freak de l’Afrique, the hip label for up-and-coming music events and African-inspired fashion items, you can now discover the new collections of Walk On Me at Kurfürstendamm and get the perfect summer look in your wardrobe.

True to the motto: Be not afraid to be yourself.

Discover the latest fashion items of the season and great accessories like sunglasses, jewelry & bags now at POP KUDAMM and learn more about Walk On Me and Freak de l’Afrique at:


Instagram Walk On Me

Instagram Freak de l’Afrique


Custom-Made Fashion by BOODYKLEINFELD. Distinctive tracksuits and timeless tailor-made originals made in Berlin that make you look good not only analogue but also digital.

Boodykleinfeld  is one of Berlin’s hottest new fashion labels, creating exclusive timeless designs for everyone since 2016. Inspired by the movies of the 70s and 80s and with a touch of Italo-Mafia look, its fashion is real handmade custom work made in Berlin and an expression of quality that you can see and above all feel.

At Boodykleinfeld, „the customer is king“ is a 100% priority, which is reflected in his customer service from the first meeting to the finished tracksuit.


The special thing about Boodykleinfeld’s collections is the connection between analogue and digital. Fashion, in which street and metaverse merge with each other, and which let you express your style in everyday life and every verse.

Design together with Boodykleinfeld’s designers your personal tracksuit or other unique pieces you desire, using a wide selection of high-quality fabrics and colours from selected retailers to meet your needs. And if a fabric is not in stock, Boodykleinfeld will of course help you with your fabric search. Everything to complete your unique masterpiece.

Dive into the digital fashion world and assemble your hybrid suit or piece with Boodykleinfeld to take full advantage of Web 3.0. At your request, you will receive a digital copy of your suit. To stand out in games yourself or to exchange designs with others. Buyers of an NFT also have the right to claim his or her physical piece to either keep, collect, trade or sell. Just as you like it.

Discover the current Boodykleinfeld Collection now in the showroom at POP KUDAMM and don’t settle for less.

More about Boodykleinfeld under:

Your Barber in town

Your Barber in Town brings Afro-punk culture to Berlin’s City-West. Modern urban barbering as a pure event experience mixed with fashion, art and music from 6 July to 2 August at POP KUDAMM.

„The best barber in town.“ That’s what his customers and fans call him and that’s exactly how he named his shop: YOUR BARBER IN TOWN.

Emmanuel Lukoki, 30 years young, is a barber by passion. A passion that he has made his profession, and a true craft that is professional love for him. „Seeing the customer glow from the outside as well as the inside after a treatment does about the same to me as it does to him or her.“

His motto in the shop and in jobs is not the customer is king, but the customer is friend. After the first contact with the Magic Chair, as he calls his barber chair, the typical customer contact breaks. You becomes you, stranger becomes openness and communication.

He does not have a separate name for the profession as he practises it. He leaves this task to his customers. One simply calls him barber, the other therapist, marriage counsellor or stylist.

His clients include well-known influencers, actors, professional football players and ordinary schoolchildren and tourists. They are all treated equally, which is what makes his shop so special. A unique experience with music, rhythm and good vibes only. Or, as Emmanuel puts it, „a harmonious encounter between hair and man.“

It is precisely these vibes that Emmanuel Lukoki will be bringing to POP KUDAMM from July. A cultural spot that, in addition to the regular barber shop, will focus on fashion, art and music and, together with the Collective Freak de L’afrique, will turn your visit to the barber pop-up into an experience.

POP KUDAMM prösentiert Your barber in town

Keep up und follow Your Barber in Town auf

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