About us

With the aim of making topics, trends, challenges and opportunities of urban coexistence accessible and designable, POP KUDAMM draws together inspirations and viewpoints from different intellectual levels, spaces and cultural perspectives. 

This can have many forms – but above all it is inspiration, concept, holistically conceived. It is obtained through the encounter with and effect of knowledge and art, commerce, everyday life, consumption, questioning, inventiveness, creativity and curiosity. A constant re:inflection.

Urban art & culture builds bridges to these themes at POP KUDAMM. In exhibitions, installations, narratives and performances, artists ‘ping’ urban life in its different facets, generating the creative connection and call in the pong.

In doing so, POP KUDAMM forces dialogues about cohesion and participation to emerge and generate usable knowledge for the transformation of our city, which is shaped by people and their content.

The interaction between these fields is what makes POP KUDAMM so exciting. Together we illuminate ideas and visions of how and where our city is developing. As a partner of the city, SIGNA participates in the public discourse surrounding urban development with this temporary cultural project.