About us


With the goal of making topics, trends, challenges and opportunities of urban coexistence accessible and designable, POP KUDAMM brings in inspirations and perspectives of various intellectual levels, spaces and cultural angles.

This can be anything- but above all it is inspiration, concept, holistically conceived. Obtained through a meeting and working of knowledge and art, of commerce, everyday life, consumption, of questioning, inventiveness and creativity and curiosity. A constant re:inflection.


The interaction of these areas is what makes POP KUDAMM so exciting. Together we illuminate ideas and visions of how and where our city is developing.

Our team takes care of making this possible.

Joerg, the program director of POP KUDAMM. He conducts this interaction of our place. He directs the whole thing.

Jolanda leads and feels the design, the performing and creative aspects of the POP KUDAMM. Inside & outside. She is approachable when it comes to the presentation and communication of the place and that of the contributors.

Milena is the doer. She manages the projects, requests, media and leads the execution.

Free curators

Urban Art & Culture are building bridges to these themes at POPKDM. In exhibitions, installations, narratives and performances, artists ‘ping’ urban life in its different facets, create the creative connection and call for the pong.

In this way, POP KUDAMM forces the dialogue about cohesion and participation and generates knowledge for the transformation of our city, which is shaped by people and their content.


POP KUDAMM is located between Gedächtniskirche, Zoo-Fenster, Upper West and Café Kranzler.

The entrance of POP KUDAMM is our CREATIVE VILLAGE, consisting of containers two different sizes of 20ft and 40ft. Ideal für Pop-Ups, Showrooms and Labs, Ready-Mades for articles and unique design experiments, exciting brand experiences and lively thinking.

The heart and center is our imposing MAIN HALL. A multi-functional venue that provides the perfect backdrop for read and curated event formats of all kinds for up to 200 guests on 180 square meters on the ground floor. Upstairs, there are two more rooms: one for up to 50 guests and a darkened room that is also suitable for smaller film screenings.

In the BACKYARD there is the open-air arena of POP KUDAMM. Auf unser Tribüne finden hier über 100 Gäste ihren Platz, um Screenings, Live Music und Performances unter dem Himmel Berlins zu genießen.

The Village is marketplace, event location, retail, think tank, brand awareness, art, culture and science, ‘stage and -diving’ all in one.

In this interaction we recognize the power of credibility and forward-looking development of urban living space. This is the added value of the participants of our Villages.

What's on?